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MDRC do All Weather Pontispool!

Fun was had by all when we ventured in what threatened to be snow (but turned out to actually be ok weather!) for some arena XC on Pontispools new all weather facility on 11th February.

8 horses took part for 2 hours of XC schooling getting partnerships ready for the 2014 season. Pontispool have developed a really exciting new all weather area making XC possible all year round in the South West.

Cobwebs were blown away and the majority stayed on board!!   some fell off twice – Ed. :-)

More XC schooling is planned for March/April either on a surface again or maybe even on grass!!

*partnership to watch for this year Amanda Friend and Barry who were looking in great from*



Kim, Carolyn and Shouna had a fantastic SJ lesson with Matt Hall. With the 3 horses and riders coming out of hibernation, the lesson was adapted perfectly to suit their individual needs, all came away feeling very motivated and raring to go.

Some dates for your diary


June 3rd 2014
Bicycle dressage at Jane Gordon’s house (Bratton Clovelly) 6.00 onwards
June 8th 2014
Team Showjumping at Southcott

June 14th 2014

MDRC Dog Show

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